What is The Audio Brew?

The Audio Brew publishes news, articles, and a podcast for people who make music. We focus on inspiring you to make music.

The Audio Brew came into being with a single goal in mind. Help the people who make music save both time and money doing what they love – making music.

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Who is The Audio Brew

Music lovers and creators, Tim and Naomi Bunch, founded The Audio Brew in 2019. Tim is a multi-instrument musician, songwriter, and audio engineer. Naomi is a singer and songwriter with an affinity for a great microphone.

Who is The Audio Brew for?

The Audio Brew is for people who make music of any kind! We exist to help musicians, producers, and audio engineers save time and money. It doesn’t matter if you are a record label owner, home recording studio, or street performer.

What Can I Find At The Audio Brew?

The Audio Brew Podcast

Our podcast is currently in production. We will feature interviews with people who make music and will be for people who make music. We will talk about gear, tell stories and in general have a good time.

Would you like to know more about being a guest on The Audio Brew Podcast? Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know. We can’t guarantee you a spot on the show, but developing a relationship with us there is great place to start!

The Tap Room

The Tap Room is where we talk about things relevant to the lives of people who make music. We write honest reviews, helpful advice, and host our gear giveaways here.

Are you interested in writing for The Tap Room or have a subject you’d like us to cover? Connect with us and let us know. We’d like to get to know you better!

Only the best deals

The Audio Brew focuses on finding real bargains for quality music gear. We only promote what we believe to be the real deal or the genuine article, or the – well, you get it.

We search for guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, accessories, and more. We also cover music software, audio plugins, virtual instruments, and educational resources. When we find incredible savings on anything you might need, we let you know!

The Handcrafted Email

We brew our Handcrafted Email with you in mind. Inside you’ll find hand-picked deals and articles from The Tap Room. Our goal is to help you stay informed and save money on gear.

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