19% Off All Red Noise Pedals

These are sure to inspire you to write some new tunes while you are spending more time at home. We are not sure how long this sale will last but we would not like you to miss out on these epic boutique pedals.

Red Noise Pedals Founder says;

Hello friends, I hope you are keeping safe and sane in these turbulent times. It’s been a challenge adapting but I try to remember that we can make something good of these days if we keep our head in the right place, stay busy and doing stuff we love. I’m wishing you all safety, creativity, health, and striving to learn a thing or two on this journey… I’d like to help with getting creative juices flowing, so I’m offering 19% off all pedals for the next few days. Stay safe! Sending good vibes from Atlanta – Ariel

The Stone Blender is a killer fuzz pedal that sounds unlike any other fuzz – in a good way.

The Switch Glitch is a two loop switching device.

Woodpeckeris a wild fuzz & tremolo combo

ABYYBAis 2 ABY switches back to back with a toggle option