AirTurn QUAD is now 30% Off and More!

The AirTurn QUAD your ticket to feet-on-control of your tabs, lyrics, pages, backing tracks, lighting and more. AirTurn pedals are the most versatile controllers on the market. Manage sheet music, click tracks, or just about anything via BlueTooth. You can even stop setting your laptop on stage and control your set from your feet!

The QUAD features four foot pedals, a battery life of up to 200 hours, and a range of 150+ feet!

Scratch and Dent Savings on the BT200S-2

You can also save right now on the smaller BT200S-2 by purchasing a scratch and dent at almost half price!

AirTurn BT200S-2 Scratch and Dent $79 – now $44.25

This is a great, solidly built pedal that we use regularly. We highly recommended it for guitar players, and has stomp box style buttons. It feels right at home on a pedal board!