25% Off Capos, Picks, Straps, & Accessories – Oh My!

This deal is only good for a short time. They are back to shipping as usual in two weeks. At this point we don’t know how long the sale will last. You can help this small, American business come out of the “shelter in place” order and get back up and running quickly by pre-ordering at 25% off! That is a win-win situation. Use code SAVE25 at checkout. This code works on most of their products (not on gift cards).

The vast majority of our products are built-to-order and fabricated using various lasers and other complex machinery that cannot be done from home. After careful consideration, this has forced us to shut down production during this “shelter in place” order. – Thalia

We hope for all the best for our friends in California and the rest of the world during this crisis. Please do what you can to help your neighbors and small businesses. We have already placed an order with Thalia, and we think you should too!