Damage 2 Smashes Onto The Scene

Damage has been the quintessential destructive percussion library for nearly ten years. Still used daily in huge productions, Damage continues to be the heartbeat behind the biggest movie soundtracks. But it doesn’t stop there. Thousands of musicians and producers worldwide have incorporated Damage into their albums and live shows.

You can imagine the excitement that has built up in the industry for the sequel! Damage 2 is bigger, louder, more destructive, and even more playable as an instrument! Damage 2 is a premium, top shelf percussion instrument. From what we’ve heard of it thus far, it is already the new industry standard. If you want or need huge drums and extreme percussion, this is your bread and butter.

Native Instruments is currently selling Damage 2 at Heavyocity’s upgrade pricing to current owners of Komplete Ultimate (9 and above). Click here for the NI Damage 2 upgrade.

If you bought Damage 1 directly through Heavyocity, you can upgrade directly through their website.