Exclusive JBL Studio Monitor Savings at B&H

B&H is killing it with this deal on JBL studio monitors! While other stores have a similar deal on JBL, we haven’t found the price on a 308P anywhere other than B&H. All of these monitors are both powered and two-way bi-amplified. You get clear sound from JBL’s patented image control waveguide, boundary and EQ settings on the back panel, and JBL transducers.

Here’s a breakdown on the savings:

JBL 308P MkII – was $184.99, now $134.99 – best for large control rooms

JBL 306P MkII – was $199, now $119 – best for medium sized control rooms

JBL 305P MkII – was $149, now $99 – best for smaller control rooms

We think this sale will last through the end of the month, but there’s no guarantee!