Free Audio Classes for Mar 9th – 14th

Each week, we’ll spotlight upcoming free classes at CreativeLive. Simply log in and RSVP for free – no strings attached! Just tune in during the broadcast! Actively engage in learning and growing your skill set!

Recording Metal with Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp

Monday, March 9th 9:00am – register

Mixing Master Class with Joey Sturgis

Tuesday, March 10th 9:00am – register

Gear Gods presents Studio Pass: Kurt Ballou

Wednesday March 11th 9:00am – register

Intro to Apple Logic Pro

Thursday March 12th 9:00am – register

Making Money with Music

Friday March 13th 9:00am – register

Mastering Metal Songwriting with Eyal Levi

Saturday March 14th 9:00am – register

Fix It In The Mix with Kurt Ballou

Sunday March 14th 9:00am – register