Get 23 Legendary Plugins from Eventide, 75% Off!

For a limited time you can save big on the entire Anthology XI collection of audio plugins from Eventide! This is not an exclusive sale, so you can purchase from your favorite retailer, or directly though Eventide.

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Upgrades are also available starting at $49.

Plug-ins Included: H3000 Factory™, Fission, Blackhole, 2016 Stereo Room, Tverb, H3000 Band Delays™, H910 Harmonizer®, Dual H910, H949, Dual H949, MangledVerb, UltraTap, UltraReverb, Octavox™, EQ65 Filter Set, E-Channel™, UltraChannel™, EQ45 Parametric Equalizer, Precision Time Align™, Quadravox™, Instant Phaser™, Instant Flanger™, Omnipressor®