Get Guitar Rig Pro Free with any Komplete Audio Interface

If you are a guitarist looking for an audio interface to record with, these small but powerful units from Native Instruments are worth considering. And for the month of April they include Guitar Rig Pro. We’ve used Guitar Rig for a very long time, and it’s appeared on multiple albums some of us have worked on. It’s top shelf stuff.

Choose between Komplete Audio 1, Komplete Audio 2, and Komplete Audio 6! With Komplete Audio 1 coming in with 1 XLR and 1 guitar input, you’ll spend $109. For just a few dollars more, you can upgrade to Komplete Audio 2 at $139. If that’s not enough, Komplete Audio 6 has two combo jacks on the from and 6 outputs. That guy will run you $249, but it also includes the Maschine 2 software.