Learn Rock Guitar from the Legendary Vince Lauria

Vince Lauria has worked with guitar players from bands like The Moody Blues, The Beach Boys, Madonna, and Ozzy. He’s an award winning composer, author, and guitarist. He’s written all of the original books on playing rock guitar. But the world doesn’t buy books any more. So now he teaches people like you how to play guitar – from any skill level – all online. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional, Vince’s methods will improve your playing.

Very few things can help you learn how to play guitar as well as an organized, structured class from a master guitar player and teacher. There are thousands of free YouTube videos featuring random lessons and tips. What you don’t get from them is the focused methods that Vince uses and teaches. We like YouTube as much as anyone else. But when you’re ready to take your playing serious, structured learning can often be the best approach.