Morley Pedals – President’s Day Sale at Sweetwater

Sweetwater’s President’s Sale is upon us! Here’s one of our favorites from the sale! This Dual Boost + Distortion is 3 in one. You’ve got a boost switch with up to 20db of gain! There’s another boost with an additional +15db of gain! Both of these right behind the distortion!

What makes this so handy? We all have those songs where a certain part needs to punch harder when playing live. Imagine being able to punch it and then punch it again, and then bring it back down to ballad mode!

You could go buy three separate pedals and spend 3 times as much. At $50, this is the price of a single tc electronic spark mini boost. So don’t do that, at least not while supplies last! Everyone loves Morley pedals, and this one is a classic!