Save $100 on Line 6 HX Effects at Sweetwater

Not every guitar player is keen on amp sims. You want the true tone of your amp, and the power of the Line 6 Helix. This is the infamous Helix effects units without the Amp and Cab modeling. Save by paring this with your amp. Add your existing expression pedal for more control.

At $100 off, this may be your tipping point. This is a close price match for a B-Stock or Blemished product, but a little better. It’s also not from the “scratch and dent” bin. We imagine that Line 6, who is owned by Yamaha, is getting ready to release an updated model, which has led to this price drop. If there is a new model, it will most likely update the format of the box. Maybe that’s worth waiting for. Even still, the HX Effects unit can save you a ton of space on your board and it really does impress.