Save Big Devious Machines Ingenious Software Plugins!

It’s no secret that we love Devious Machines here at The Audio Brew. They are not another software company recreating the same plugins and effects you can buy from any other company. These are truly unique and extremely usable creative tools!

Duck – 50% Off – $13.20
Drawable sidechain-style pumping with two-band control. Loop patterns or trigger with audio/sidechain/MIDI

Pitch Monster – 30% Off – $72.59
Their newest, incredible sounding 6-octave, 64-voice granular pitchshifter – with three algorithms, plus MIDI control and chord modes

Texture – 40% Off – $60.72
Layer and trigger 340 in-built sounds or add your own samples, tweak dynamics, EQ and granular playback

Everything – or get it all for just $130.68

At the very least, we recommend Duck just because it so incredibly usefull in so many scenarios! You will find a use for it in every track you produce regardless of genre.