Softube Releases 2 New Legendary Marshall Amp Heads!

Softube is not only one of the best at recreating legendary pieces of analog equipment. They often do it in partnership with the original manufacturer of the product they are emulating. In this case, they worked directly with Marshall to recreate two legendary amps, the Plexi Super Lead 1959 and the Kerry King Signature Marshall 2203KK!

If you are familiar with how realistic the Marshall amp plugins are on UAD hardware, those are made by Softube. Being able to achieve the tone from these amps is simply unbelievable. And rather than go for an every amp modeling approach, these plugins do just one thing. And they do it faithfully to original look, feel, tone, and operating process of the originals.

In short, they are simply stunning. Worth the introductory sale price of $99? Absolutely!