Sweet Price Roland JUNO-DS88 Bundle at Sweetwater!

Another great bundle from Sweetwater!

If you have been admiring the Roland-DS series synthesizers from a distance and have not committed to purchasing one yet, this fantastic bundle price may be the little push you need. This is such a sweet deal that we are personally considering this purchase right now.

Here is a description of the bundle in Sweetwater’s own words, just so we don’t miss any of the details.

“A Portable Synthesizer with Essential Accessories

Coax the maximum performance out of the Roland JUNO-DS88 with this essential keyboard bundle from Sweetwater. The Roland JUNO-DS88 delivers endless sounds and realistic piano feel. A sturdy keyboard stand and ergonomic bench from On-Stage Stands to ensure that you can practice and perform in comfort. Add expressiveness to your playing with a piano-style sustain pedal, and enjoy great sound from your new JUNO-DS88, thanks to a set of Samson headphones. This bundle comes complete with an 8GB USB drive for external storage. If you’re searching for a portable synth with realistic piano playability, you owe it to yourself to check out this essential keyboard bundle from Sweetwater.”