Up to 50% Off BIAS Plugins

Positive Grid is quickly becoming the go-to source for high quality amp simulators and effects. Sure, they have their hands deep into the hardware too. But this gives them a unique advantage over other software companies. Best of all, there’s a price point here that will make everyone happy!

BIAS Pedals

BIAS Pedals now let you build your own software pedals. These are specific pedals, with unique parts and routing.

BIAS AMP 2 – Build Your Dream Amp

BIAS Amp 2 allows you to build your amp from the ground up, customizing each and every component. If you just want to save time, you can use the Amp Match feature to instantly get up and running. Not to mention an incredible collection of some coveted boutique amps!

BIAS FX 2 – All In One Guitar Powerhouse

BIAS FX 2 is a massive collection of amps and effects ready to go and throw down some tracks. They’ve recently added access to thousands of custom pedals through ToneCloud. Also new is what they’re calling “Hyper-Realistic, Precision Guitar Emulation”. This is a first and possibly a game changer, being able to match your tone to any guitar.

Perfect for the stage and the studio. Bias Amp and Effects Studio allows for complete customization. Lock into that perfect tone, effect, modulation, distortion or delay with ease. Fully customizable means you are fully in control.