Up to 60% Off JZ Microphones Black Friday Sale!

We have been waiting anxiously for this sale and it is finally here! JZ Microphones are top shelf microphones. They offer a variety of mics to fit most of your studio or live vocal needs. If you have not looked into adding one of these mics to your arsenal before or have wanted one but haven’t made the jump now is a great time!

The line up for this years Black Friday Sale is:

Black Hole BH1s 3 Polar Patterns (50% Off) – Regular price$1,999.00 $999.00 Sale

Black Hole BH2 Cardioid (50% Off) – Regular price$999.00 $499.00 Sale

Vintage 67 (50% Off) – Regular price$1,199.00 $599.00 Sale

Vintage 47 (Limited) (50% Off) – Regular price$1,299.00 $669.00 Sale

Vintage 11 (50% Off) – Regular price$799.00 $399.00 Sale

BT301 (60% Off) – Regular price$999.00 $399.00 Sale

HH1 Dynamic Microphone (40% Off) – Regular price$179.00 $109.00 Sale

Pop Filter (25% Off) – Regular price$119.00 $89.00 Sale