How to Find Power Cables Worthy of Touring Without Going Broke

As a former touring musician, I have personally felt the pain of the set up and tear down. You’ve been cramped in a van with 4 other sweaty people for the last 500 miles. Your muscles ache from sitting far too long. And you are about to unload in more ways than one.

Each venue is a little bit different. Some set you up on a grand stage with lights. Others put you in a corner with a tiny platform that barely fits the drum kit. Concert halls put power outlets in the floors. Coffee shops have outlets along the back wall.

I had no idea that people made power cables specifically for people like me.

Tim Bunch

Each band member is praying as they set up their guitar, bass, or keyboard rigs. They’re praying that the venue has decent power that won’t fry their equipment. They hope their power cables can reach the outlets and not get accidentally unplugged during the show.

Bad Ass Extension Cords

When I was younger, I toured with indoor/outdoor extension cables from Home Depot. You know the ones. Orange, three prong cables that come in 25 or 50 feet. If we needed to run longer distances we would tie them together at the connectors to prevent them from getting unplugged. Then there was the endless winding and unwinding a tangled mess of power cables.

Enter Bad Ass Extension Cords

As it turns out, Bad Ass Extension Cords must have been thinking of people like me. These are not just your typical Home Depot indoor/outdoor cables. These are industrial grade pro power cords that are not just made for power tools.

These are A/V (Audio/Video) and special event cables that click and lock together. No more tying a knot in the cable to prevent them from coming apart!

Insert a standard u-ground plug into a Bad Ass click-to-lock connector and the two lock together with 80 lbs of pull pressure. They will not separate until you release the automatic lock.

Bad Ass Extension Cords

They also have a variety of power strips that will help save your valuable gear from voltage spikes. I’ve played some of those shady venues where you’re not sure if you will walk away with fried equipment. Trust me when I say “Do not plug in without a power strip.”

How to Save a Fortune on Some BA Extension Cords

Pay Bad Ass Extension Cords a visit, and hit up their “Garage Sale”. You’ll find a link in main navigation. This is where they keep their sale priced items. We found this 50 foot retractable cord reel for over $100 off! A lot of items in there are around 50% off the regular price.

The Garage Sale items are priced to sell and change all the time!

When it comes to protecting your gear and your performance, you want the best. And if you’re like me, you don’t want to pay more than you have to. Bad Ass Extension Cords is at the top of my list when shopping for quality extension cords.

Heavy Duty Extension Cords